Simple Grammar Lessons


Everything you need to put a lesson together at short notice!

Students need to give a short talk?  Click on me for a cunning plan!

Turkey Tales and Arabian Dreams (A selection of the finest tales from the Middle East)

These lessons can be delivered as on-line activities or as printed worksheets

In the right circumstances they could be self-delivering!

Verbs - on-line

Verbs - printable

Nouns - on-line

Nouns - printable

Adjectives - on-line

Adjectives - printable

Homophones  - on-line   

Homophones - printable

Similes - on-line         

Similes - printable     

Adverbs - on-line

Adverbs - printable

Alliteration - on-line

Alliteration - printable

Grammar Revisited

This crossword takes you back through all you have learned - try it!

(printable version)

Introducing Personification

Putting it all into Practice!

(printable version)

Short Introduction to the Metaphor

(printable version)

Apostrophes Page

Reinforce and test your Punctuation knowledge here!

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