Creative Writing Lesson Plan

Learning Objectives:

  • the students will be able to recognise the elements needed to produce a piece of creative writing

  • the students will be able to identify their own examples of these elements

  • the students will be able to use these elements to produce their own piece of creative writing

Targets met:

  • working in small groups

  • communication

  • use of language and grammar elements

  • sequencing

  • you name it really!

Ask the question "What do we need to know about to produce a piece of Creative Writing?" (refer to check-list before starting) Brainstorm on the board all the students' suggestions (looking at genre, "ideas", "beginning, middle and end", description, alliteration, metaphors etc, sentences and paragraphs, titles, useful linking words and anything else you can think of!)
Ask for examples of the identified elements. Identify weak areas, model examples then revisit verbally and on board (think about speech marks HERE!!!)
Whole class activity:  using examples on board put together a short piece of creative writing. Take further suggestions and/or improvements from students and incorporate into piece of writing.
In small groups ask students to come up with an "idea" then to build it up using examples of all the identified elements. List out the identified elements  on the board, ask students to copy them onto a sheet as an aide memoire/check-list when building up their idea.
Display:  ask each group to choose a representative to read out their piece. Let the students show what they have created - whole class discussion on impact.
Individually: think of an idea for a piece of creative writing. Have a list of ideas ready for those who are struggling but encourage them to come up with their own variation!
Hand out check-lists (click here for printable copy) Students to write their titles at top of check-list and fill in boxes.
Individuals to start putting together their own piece of writing. Keep communication lines open for swapping ideas and suggestions.
To think about:

How are you going to give your students the sense of achievement they need?  Think about displaying work.  Perhaps individually with illustrations or grouping the different genres or even a whole class display (booklet or on display board). 

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